The Diary Of Mad Black Virgin “He Likes Me, He Likes Me Not?”

Dear God,

Text me when you get home, the words that keep ringing in my head from the cook out. God, is there a christian player book for us real saved women? Like, what am I supposed to say to a guy who is just as lost as I am when it comes to new Godly relationships? What is the rule? I still can’t believe I keep saying things like this to him!

Once he came to the cook out, he met my brother in law ,and nephew who always play basketball at every event. My nephew says, you want to play ball with us? Really nephew? He is not here for you! Don’t mess this up for me sir! Of course I will play, I am a baller he says! Ugh, really God? Is this really happening again? All I could do was think about his graduation party, and how he stayed in the basement with his cousins the entire time! God, I can’t go through that again, especially since he is in my territory, but you know what I am going to be chill. So he went outside, and they played ball for about 1 hour and a half. While he is playing basketball, I hear him talking to my brother in law about the word and about his life. I see him loving on people, and being just an amazing guy. If someone fell, he would help them up, and he just blended in so well with my family. I am staring out the window like wow, this is unbelievable! God, he is just too good to be true.

God, while I am looking out the window, people begin to walk up to me and ask me, how long have you 2 been talking? He is so cute girl! Now God, this is the moment where I am going to put you on blast, don’t make me look bad, and no I am not lying, just activating faith! We have been talking for a minute. Literally we only talked for a minute, but they did not need to know that. Well, we are so happy for you! You 2 look very good together! Don’t we though? I wanted to say, but the humble pie was being shoved down my throat, awww praise God, I said. He is an awesome man! Too much Nikea, you are doing the most I thought. When I looked up, I saw Ryan walking back in from playing basketball.

Dear God, please don’t let them say anything to him as he walks inside. Lord, don’t let them ask no more questions, Father God Jesus Holy Ghost!! Nice meeting you Ryan they said, and he said nice meeting you too. I wanted to scream thank you Jesus! Alright y’all thank you for coming!! Bye!! As he comes inside, I ask him if he wanted some food, and he said yes, and he began to eat. As he is eating, we are sitting together, finally a moment alone. Should I speak first? Nope, let him take the lead I said in my head. This is so dumb, girl just say hello. No, I already said hello when he came. While I am talking myself up, he began to speak.

He says, the food is great, so what did you make? I said a plate just like you! Girl, you quick on your feet I said to myself. He started laughing and said real cute. I said I am glad you came over! Do you know how to play air hockey? He said I do a little something something! Do you wanna play, I asked? Sure he said.

I am feeling myself at this point, I got this conversation part down now! So we went down and played air hockey, and laughed and talked for about 1 hour. God, it was like we had been friends forever. When he was about to leave I felt those butterflies again.. Who feels this way over someone they just met? These feelings were driving me crazy! I walked him to the door, and I say drive safely, and text me when you get home. God, he only lives 45 mins away! It has been 47 minutes, and still no text? Did he not have a good time? What if he wasn’t impressed? God, please let him text me! I can’t sleep until I know he made it home safely! Ugh, my emotions are once again all over the place. Why do I care so much? Man, I am going to bed, forget him! I can’t sleep! Please Lord, just let him text me! What if he got hurt on his way home? God, I can’t lose him! Again, why am I tripping? Ugh, God please protect him, and make sure he texts me soon so I won’t have to worry! Why am I worried? Whooosahhh girl, and breathe! God, I need you to come through quickly, please and thank you!!


Of course you guys have to wait until next week to see what happens, but people say how did you know he was the one? I spent a lot of time with God, and God would literally show me visions, and I had dreams of my future spouse, and when I saw him, my spirit literally was having a party on the inside! I also knew because of his fruit. I payed close attention to his actions. At his graduation, he was ministering to his cousins in the basement, and at my sister’s house he was talking to my brother in law and nephew about the word. He loved his family, and when he smiled, it lit up the room. I could sense the presence of God on his life when he walked in a room. He also would finish my sentence, and he would just allow me to be me. I was terrible at air hockey, but he was real patient and made it fun. His heart was just so sincere and genuine.

Matthew 7:16 (NLT) says You can identify them by their fruit, that is by the way they act. Can you pick grapes from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles? Ask yourself, that fine man you are considering courting/dating, what does his fruit tree look like? Is he just a Sunday church goer or does he have a relationship with Christ? Does he only want to see you when it is convenient for him? How does he act around his family? How does he respond when he is upset? His actions should line up with the word of God! We can’t ask God to send us someone like Christ, and they have no idea who Christ really is. Allow his tree to grow and produce the best fruit ever! What you want girl? Apples? Watermelon? Grapes? Bananas? Oranges? Wait on your fruit tree, and don’t  settle for nothing less than the best! Stay encouraged loves!

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