Diary Of Mad Black Virgin “Remember When”

Oh my goodness, Oh my goodness, he is on his way over! I am looking at myself praying and believing that today goes well. I am going to need to holla at my family and lay down some house rules. Hey family!! Look, when he comes over, I need ya’ll to be NICE. I don’t want ya’ll to scare this one away. Yes, I know ya’ll have heard me say this before, but this time is different. As the doorbell rang, and my heart skipped several beats, I answered the door with a big smile on my face, and in his hand, he had his box of tissues, and said, I think you are going to need these. (Did he just try me though?) Oh you funny I see, I said. He said it’s good to see you! Ya’ll know my smart mouth said, ain’t it though?? He said, you are truly a trip!  As he walks in, my family greets him, and I say let the games begin. We played several games with my family, and of course he won some, and lost some. We laughed, and we joked all night with my family. God, the more time I spend with him, the more I am falling for him. He blends right in with my family, and they really like him. Oh my Lord, he is looking more and more attractive the more I am around him. I think I am attracted to his spirit, and his heart. He is so genuine, and so sweet. I cannot believe my answered prayer is sitting in front of me. This seems too good to be true! While he was there, my mind flashed back to all God had done for me, and in that moment, I literally felt like I left the room. It was like God took me, and told me to take a ride with Him. He grabbed my hand and said, Let’s get  on my memory train. As the train was moving, I saw myself as a little girl.

God says, remember when you were little, and you prayed for that new bike? Yes, God I remember! God said, it took time, because you were only 3 years old when you prayed for the bike. Unfortunately, you weren’t mature enough to handle the bike you were requesting. You had to grow up, and mature, and then you received the bike you asked for. You would get upset and impatient with me, but, you received the bike at the perfect time. Remember when you were in school and you asked me to help you with your grades? Did you not get straight A’s? Yes Lord, I remember! Do you remember when you were in the pool, and you almost drowned? Did I not send someone to save you? Remember when you prayed for a car at 14 years old? You were not able to drive at the time, but I heard your prayer. After you went through the process of getting your permit, and then getting your license, what car did you receive? My new Chrysler convertible God, I said. As we are on the train, I said God, I see where you are going with this. He said, Nikea, when you asked me for this man, you were not ready to receive him, but that didn’t mean I didn’t hear your request. Remember when I told you to wait? What did you do? I responded, I got impatient God, and took matters into my own hands! God replied, and then blamed me for your choices and decisions. I apologize God! I felt that if they were saved and went to church, that they loved you, and you sent them to me. God said, did you ever ask me what I thought about it? I know you heard me!! When I told you how I felt, you didn’t listen to me. You took matters into your own hands at times.

He then said, but the blessing is that you didn’t marry them, and you heard me in the nick of time. All I could do was cry and say,God forgive me for getting in your way. God said, thank you for allowing me to take the driver’s seat again! He said, the man that is in front of you now, he is the man that I had for you all along. As we keep talking on the train, he drops me back off in front of the house, and said, now enjoy your blessing Nikea, this is from me! Don’t forget how far we have come! Thank you for trusting me! I love you!

As I am saying “I love you too”, I hear Nikea, Nikea, Nikea!! Are you ok? My family asked. I have never felt better, I whispered to myself. All I can say is God, you are so amazing! As I stared at the man in front of me, I told God, I will never forget all you have done for me!! I love you so much! 


Why is it so easy for us to forget all God has done for us? We seem to forget how good He is, when we are going through the bad! God must have forgotten about me this time, or maybe He is too busy with everyone else to notice me. Lies boo, all Lies!  Now, let me take you on a ride on the memory train. Let us go back to what the word says about you! Isaiah 49:15-16 (NIV) “Can a mother forget the baby at her breast, and have no compassion on the child she has born? Though she may forget, I will not forget you. See, I have engraved you on the palms of My hands; Your walls are ever before Me.” How amazing is that? God has your name written on the palms of His hands! He said I will NEVER forget you! If God said it, you have to believe what he said! Let’s keep this train moving! Let us go to Psalms 103:2 (New Living Translation) Let all that I am praise the Lord; may I NEVER forget the good things He has done for me.  Let’s take a look at your life! Think about the things God has done for you. I know you may be in a situation where you are frustrated right now, but don’t forget about the times God has shown Himself faithful and strong in your life. God hears you, and He said the prayers of the righteous availeth much. God has already answered you, and He hears you whenever you call. Whenever you are feeling down or forgotten, I dare you to take a trip down memory lane, and just remember when. God is faithful, and He will fulfill every promise for you, and He knows the exact time to release what belongs to you. Stay encouraged loves!!


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