Diary Of Mad Black Virgin “The Wait Is Almost Over”


You know sometimes, I just sit back and reflect on my life. Just thinking about how the enemy tried to throw so many counterfeits in my way. God, I remember when I met the first guy I ever loved. He was saved, but he wasn’t saved and delivered! I would make excuses for him, and try to figure out a way to explain that we all have alllllll made mistakes, and he is not perfect, so what is the big deal? But, deep down inside I knew he wasn’t the one. Real talk, sometimes my rush to “get some”, caused me a lot of heart break. Dang God, if I let him go, will you really be faithful to me? If I let him go, will you give me my hearts desire? How old will I be before Mr. Good Thing comes along? I ain’t trying to be no old virgin! So here comes my love number 2, I am 22 at this time, and he was saved and delivered, but had no personality. I mean, the struggle was real. It’s ok to laugh boo, laughter is good for the soul! God, am I being picky? At least he really loves the Lord, and we can work on his dry personality I would tell myself, but that voice kept saying, is that your forever? If he never changed, could you marry him? Naw, I can’t live my life with dry humor man! Ugh, I am not getting any younger Jesus!

God, we went through this pattern a couple of times. Your girl was about to say, forget it, I will just settle, but I knew deep down there was more for me. The problem was that I was becoming more focused on getting him, and not getting you God. I remember when you told me, my want for a man was becoming my god. I mean, I ain’t look at it like that, but if that is how you feel, my bad. So, I surrendered myself to you, and just focused on what you had planned for me! Now, I am 1 month away from marrying the man of my dreams! My decision to completely surrender to you, landed me in the arms of my happily ever after! One thing this journey taught me was that your ways are way better than mine. What you had for me, is so much greater than what I had for myself. I also learned that I am valuable, and who you had for me, will value me, and see my worth. I am a rare jewel, and I will never become a cubic zirconium because they are getting more attention than me. The thing was that, I desired a man who was on a different level, so I had to place myself on a different level. I wasn’t made to be mediocre. I wasn’t created to be ordinary, I was created to be extraordinary. I was created to be the standard. God, I thank you for keeping me, and I thank you that you sent me a man who was man enough to purchase me from the exclusive jewelry case.

God, you are amazing!

I love you!

#MBV AKA Soon To Be Mrs.

So Nikea, your story cute and all, but unfortunately, I am not a rare jewel because I have made mistakes. I mean, I felt as if my value came from giving away my body. Unfortunately, I didn’t think I was worth much, since my family would tell me that all the time. I mean, I hear you, but you didn’t grow up like me. Never having someone show me or tell me that I am a princess, or that I am special. Well, aren’t you glad that you are reading this today? Guess what? You are valuable. If nobody ever told you, I am telling you. God has purpose for you, and you are redeemed. You have been brought with a price, and God can clean you up, and make you brand new. You can wait too! No matter if you have made a mistake, from this point forward, you can stand! You can set your mind, and tell yourself I am worth the wait! I will not allow my past to dictate my present! Declare today, and say, God, I want your best for my life! God, forgive me for anything that I have done not pleasing unto you, but today, I want a fresh start! Today, I want you to expose yourself in such a greater way to me. I want you to lead me and guide me! Show me that my value is in you! God, watch over my mind in the name of Jesus! I have the mind of Christ. I am not what others say that I am! I am what you say that I am! Today, I am FREE! Hallelujah, thank you Jesus! In Jesus name! Amen! If you are a virgin, don’t let anybody take away what is God’s, and your husbands. You keep holding on, and you keep pressing after God, and be that rare jewel that you are! I believe that God will blow your mind, and you keep standing strong! You speak this over yourself: Lord, please keep me, on this journey, and when I get weary remind me I am PRETTY (Pure Righteous Eternally True To You)

In my organization called PRETTY (Pure Righteous Eternally True To You) Girls Wait, we declare this over ourselves, and I encourage you all to speak this into your own life everyday:

I AM more than a conqueror

I AM going to stand

I AM not going to compromise

I AM a child of God

I AM worth waiting for

I AM beautiful

I AM a royal priesthood

I AM a holy nation

I AM fearfully and wonderfully made

I AM Pure

I AM Righteous

I AM Eternally True To You


I am so excited about your future, and I believe the best is yet to come for your life!

Our brunch is this weekend! I am so excited about all God is going to do at this brunch! Email prettygirlswait@gmail.com for more info! Can’t wait to see my pretty ladies!

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