Diary Of MBV “Life After Sex, EX Marks The Spot”

Before my hubby and I got married, he told me that he had to tell me something about a tattoo of his that he got from a previous relationship. Me being in love and naive, I didn’t care what the tattoo said, I loved this man, so whatever he had to say to me, it didn’t matter. He proceeded to show me his back, and on his back there were some angel wings, and inside the wings was the name of his ex girlfriend. I looked at it, and me being the good Christian woman, I said hey that’s your past, so I am not tripping about that! I just appreciate you even telling me about it! We used to have conversations about his ex while we were dating, and I asked him why they broke up, and then asked him what were some good qualities that you liked about her? He said, one thing I can say about her is that no matter what people used to say about me, she always had my back. I was like oh ok, and he would then tell me that God removed her out of his life because she was not the one for him. She was a good woman, but just not good for him. He said, so I left out of that relationship, and grew in my relationship with God. Then, out of no where, I meet you! Look at God, Won’t He do it!!

Welllllll honey, baby, sweetie, sugar pies, let’s fast forward to life after marriage, and adding sex to the equation. Every time my husband turned around, all I could see was her name! I knew he had sex with this girl too, so that was so irritating! All I kept hearing is, she had my back, and this chick literally still has your back. God, I am sick of seeing this chicks name every time his back is turned. Like are you for real? We would go to the beach, and lo and behold there she was, on his back. We would get couples massages, and there she was, on his back! God what do I do? I don’t want to come off strong, but I need him to know this is unacceptable.. Ugh, but he told me before we got married, and I said it was ok, but that was before we became “one” and now I feel like she is one with us! God, show me how to handle this situation. After I was done praying, I turned the t.v. on, and lo and behold a Pastor was talking about SOUL TIES!

 A soul tie is an emotional bond or connection that unites you with someone else. It is also a spiritual connection between 2 people who have been physically intimate with each other. This innocent tattoo is an emotional bond, and connection, that is still lingering from his past relationship. Oh wow, that is it! There is still a soul tie connection between the two of them, and it must be broken! I prayed that God would give me wisdom on how to talk to my husband, and that he would hear me from my heart. I mean, outside of this, we had been doing a lot better, and I didn’t want to go backwards. So when he came home, I said hey honey, have you ever heard of soul ties? He said yes, I have! I said, well that tattoo on your back, I don’t like it at all! It really bothers me, honestly. All I keep hearing is our conversation when we were dating, and you said, she had my back, and every time I see it, that is all I think about. She still has your back, and I feel very uncomfortable. It drives me crazy, and I am asking in love that you get her name removed. He looked at me, and he said, I never thought about that, but if that is what I need to do for us to have peace, and really move forward, then of course, I will get it removed. I love you too much to keep anything that will make you uncomfortable. We talked about the situation, and we both decided to break any soul ties that we had with anyone from our past. Mine of course would be a more of an emotional soul tie, and his being emotional, and physical, we said this prayer: Father God, in the name of JESUS, I repent, and renounce my ungodly soul ties to someone else. I ask for your forgiveness from any and all sexual sins I committed. I now ask, in the name of Jesus that all soul ties in my past be broken! I call back all fragments of my soul so that I may be whole, complete, and pure. I send back all soul fragments of those I became one with. I command that my mind forget that union (or unions) and right now I release all false responsibility or guilt for those persons. I also command my emotions to “let go and forget”, in the name of Jesus. I command every evil spirit that gained access to my life, through any ungodly sexual soul tie or yoke attached to another person emotionally to be broken! Father God, I thank you for freedom from the bondage of all ungodly soul ties, in the name of Jesus! WE ARE FREE!!! After we said that prayer, we began to clean house! We removed all gifts, souvenirs, anything that was from those past relationships. My husband had some Jordan shoes that she got him, bye Felicia! We threw away coats, clothes, watches, etc.. I mean it was house cleaning time, and we started with a clean slate!!! He had to go to the tattoo place about 6 times before the tattoo completely was removed, but at the end of the day, he said all of it was worth it to have peace in our home, and peace in our minds!! Now, I am the only woman who has his back!!

Let me leave you with this! The reason why God says for you to not join your body with anybody, unless it is your spouse, is because of soul ties. (Read 1 Corinthians 6:16-20) You begin to leave pieces of yourself with people, and then when the right one comes along, there is not much left to offer that man or woman God had for you all along. If you have messed up, and made mistakes, you can call your soul back, and pray the prayer we prayed, and be made new! One thing my husband realized is that he didn’t conclude his past, and when you don’t conclude your past, it will follow you into your future. He concluded his past in the natural sense by letting her go, and leaving her, but his mind, and soul didn’t leave completely. When he and I would disagree, he would say, I don’t feel as if you have my back! Not realizing he was comparing me to her. His mind had not been completely concluded from that relationship. I encourage you to conclude your past mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. You don’t want to bring any of that into the relationship that God has for you!

Yes, marriage is hard work, but it is a job I would not trade for anything!

Love you guys!!

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