Diary Of MBV, Life After Sex “Emotions Taking Me Over”

Ephesians 4:26- And don’t sin by letting anger control you. Don’t let the sun go down while you are still angry. (NLT)

Dear God,

I feel like Adam right now! God, the man you gave me, like really? He can’t help me clean the kitchen? How long do I have to keep putting the dishes away, and then go back in the kitchen, and see more dishes left from him in the sink? Who does that? I can’t believe that he had the nerve to tell me, that is the least you can do! I was doing the laundry, and finishing a project for work, and I didn’t have time to put them away, he said. Last time I checked, I thought we were in this together. Sir, if you see the kitchen is clean, make sure you put your dish away, that is all I ask. Yeah, he did do the laundry, but that is because he washes clothes alllll the time! God, you know our water bill is ridiculously high because he wants to wash clothes every second, and every minute! Oh, and lets not go there with how often he runs water to bathe, and then by the time he gets in the bathroom, he is over it, and drains all the water out and decides to shower instead! Like, really God, I am about to pop! When he and I were disagreeing today, we cut each other deep. He said, you want to go there with all that I do that bothers you, well there is so much weave hair on the floor that you can donate it to a cancer patient. How about you pick up your hair from off the floor? Now, that is when I went in! We started arguing at 7:00 PM, around 7:30 PM, I grabbed my blanket, and my pillow, and I went right on to the couch. He slammed the bedroom door, and now I am sitting here, alone. I see what the scripture is saying, but I refuse to apologize first. If he would have worked overtime this month, maybe I could have gotten the good weave that doesn’t shed, but NO, I had to get the cheap hair, and now he wants to clown me! I am trying to make sure we stay on course with our budget!! So yeah, I chose to sacrifice my good weave, for cheap weave so that we can pay the water bill that he made crazy high! Oh, but he doesn’t see that!

God, it is now 11:00 PM, and I can’t believe he hasn’t come down here to say anything. Uggghhhh, and you know I hate sleeping on this couch, but I am not going to break first. I always apologize first, not this time. My prayer is that he sees the error of his ways, and that he pulls it together. I can’t even tell him how I feel, without him saying how he feels about something I did weeks ago. Well, don’t bring it up now because you in your feelings about my feelings. Isn’t there a scripture that says, when I was a boy, I talked like a boy, but when I became a man, I put away childish things? God, I pray that as he is upstairs acting like a child, that you will tell him to be a man, and come apologize! I am so irritated, and once again, I wasn’t prepared for life after sex!

Emotions, they can get us in a lot of trouble. Our emotions tell us what to do, and normally, they are wrong. Guess who has access to our emotions? The devil. It is during that time that he begins to tell us to do things emotionally, and we listen. Go downstairs and sleep! Don’t you apologize first! You are a punk if you do! Girl, I bet if you would have married so and so, he would have done the dishes. Your emotions, they will lead you down the wrong road, but your will, your will says, I don’t care who is right or wrong, I choose to be the bigger person, and apologize. I learned that my marriage would never succeed if I kept reacting by my emotions! I had to put my emotions in check, and realize that my marriage means more to me, than my temporary feelings. Yes, I did feel certain things, and I felt certain ways, but I learned to communicate them better. If there was something that bothered me, before I even talked about it, hubby and I would pray that our ears would be open, and that we can hear the heart of one another. We  both agreed that the enemy would not have access to our thoughts, emotions, or our marriage. We knew that God joined us together, and we decided that we wouldn’t let nobody, or nothing destroy the purpose of our union. What God has joined together, let no man separate! -Mark 10:9

If you are single and waiting, I encourage you to not be moved by your emotions. Don’t believe everything you think. The enemy enjoys playing off your emotions. In the times when you feel lonely, that is when he comes at you the most! He tells you to settle because you have been forgotten, he tells you that you deserve to be lonely because of your past. He tells you that you are worthless. Look at all the other people around you getting married, you just aren’t pretty enough. Why are you even living? You have no purpose! You cast down every false thought! Don’t let your emotions cause you to make decisions that you will regret later down the road. Trust God, and not your emotions. You speak what God says, even when you don’t feel that way! Speak it until you believe it! You are beautiful! You are amazing! Someone will love you like Christ loves you! All men are not bad! You have purpose! You aren’t too much! You are blessed! You are favored! You are wonderfully and fearfully made! Your past has passed! You will live and not die! You will succeed! God loves you! The enemy has no control over you, your thoughts, or your emotions in the name of JESUS! Hallelujah!!

Yes, marriage is hard work, but it is a job I wouldn’t trade for anything!

Stay Blessed Loves!

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