Dear Valentine’s Day!

Dear Valentines Day,

Well, another year, and I am still sending myself flowers to my job. I made sure the card on the flowers read, You are the best thing that has ever happened to me! I think I am going to dress up again this year and go to my favorite restaurant with my 3 friends; me, myself, and I. Table for 3 please! Good evening ma’am, are you waiting on 2 other guests? Oh no sir, they are here! Oh, are they in the bathroom? Nope, it is just me, myself, and I. Can you split the check 3 ways? How about I take myself to a movie, and put my dad’s jacket in the seat next to mine. You never know who you might see there, and if they ask if I am alone, I can tell them my man went to get us some popcorn. How many more V days am I going to be alone? You are starting to become my most hated day of the year!


Sis Lonely

Dear Valentines Day,

YESSSSSS! I finally have a man today! We have been dating for a few months now, and it has been getting kind of hard to wait. You know what I say, what happens on Valentine’s Day, stays on Valentine’s Day. I mean, I am trying to keep my flesh under control, but when he sees me with this sexy dress on, it is going to be hard for him to keep his hands off of me. I mean, a little cleavage ain’t never hurt nobody.He told me that self control was something he was still struggling with, but does he know how long I have been waiting to wear this dress? I have had this dress in my closet for the past 3 years, and I am going to wear it tonight. I hope that he knows it is not going down tonight. Well, I hope it doesn’t go down tonight. Let me make sure I put on my cute underwear, you know, just in case he tries. You know what, I have come this far, and I won’t turn back now, so there is no need for me to get my razor. Why is my razor in my hand? God you know my heart!  You said be ye ever ready!


Ms. God Knows I’m Trying

Dear Sis Lonely,

Being alone and being lonely are 2 different things. One can be alone without feeling lonely, and one can feel lonely in a crowded room. Guess what? Those people who have relationships that you may be envious of today, they may feel more lonely than you do. Loneliness is a state of mind, an emotion brought on by feelings of separation, or sadness resulting from being forsaken or abandoned. Thank God that He says, I will never leave you nor forsake you. The same God who was with you February 13th, is the same God who will be with you today. He expresses His love to you everyday of the week. Don’t act brand new because you don’t have a date today. You are still amazing! You are still phenomenal! You are still beautiful! You are still fabulous! Your worth and value is not based on a earthly relationship status, but on your Heavenly relationship status! He will always make you feel like a QUEEN! Come on church and sing this with me, falling in love, with Jesus, was the best thing I have ever, ever done! Remember it is only a day! You got this boo! #neverlonely

Dear Ms. God Knows I’m Trying

Yes, all have sinned and fallen short of the glory, but that doesn’t mean you go into the situation already knowing you are going to fall. Guess what? God’s standards do not change because it is Valentine’s Day. Ladies, we know what we are doing. We talk a real good game. Oh no, I am going to wait, but then we wear a freakum dress knowing good and well it will cause that man to fall.

1 Corinthians 8:9- But you must be careful so that your freedom does not cause others with a weaker conscience to stumble. Are you going to cause that man to stumble when you wear that outfit tonight? If the answer is yes, you may want to find something else to wear. Also know that purity and holiness are not out of fashion with God. They are out of fashion with the world, your friends, and maybe your family, but holiness is still important to God. 1 Corinthians 6 reminds us that our body is a temple, so don’t be letting any and everybody open the doors to the church! (My version) Glorify God with your body! Today is Valentine’s Day, not your wedding day! No ringy, No dingy! No wed, No bed! Until I say I do, I don’t! #youcandateandwait

Next week I will continue with our regularly scheduled blog!

Until Next Week Loves!! Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you


                                   Hey!! It’s Me, Nikki B


Hey lovely ladies! Who said that you have to wear red for Valentine’s Day? There isn’t anything wrong with a black dress! See, my grandmother taught me to pray without ceasing. When I go to the mall, I say, Dear Lord, I thank you for the discounts that will make me shout! You know when you get a deal, something comes over you. Let me tell you how good my God is! I went into H&M (I went in there because I thought it stood for Holy and Magnificent) I felt in my spirit that store had a sale for me. I found this top and skirt on sale for $10 each. Y’all I wanted to shout in the store! Then the Holy Spirit kept saying, I love you forever, and I said, I love you forever Lord..But I realized he was not talking about the Tye Tribbett song, but he was directing me to Forever 21! I searched all over, and I didn’t see anything, until this sweater caught my eye. Ya’ll the sweater was only $10! Can we say FAVOR! 


My lipstick is from Coulour pop, and only $6. My mother sells jewelry, so I borrowed (cough) this necklace from her! Thank you Nikki B Jewels for the blessing! Boom, there you have it ladies! Remember, I do all this for you! #frugalandfierce

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